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About pHisoderm®

For more than 40 years, pHisoderm® has been a reliable companion for your skin, keeping its pH in harmony.

Naturally, healthy skin typically maintains a slightly acidic pH around 5.5. When the pH goes above or below 5.5, skin troubles can arise. If your skin is a bit dry and irritated, it's likely that its pH is reaching a touch too high. If it's a bit oily, that's a sign the pH is dipping a bit low.

Our goal is to restore your skin’s target pH, because let’s face it, everyone’s skin is different! For soft, hydrated, and balanced skin, choose pHisoderm®. 💖

About pHisoderm®

pHisoderm® has been trusted for over 40 years for maintaining the ever-important pH-level of your skin. Most skin problems occur when pH is out of balance. Typically, healthy skin has a slight acidic pH average of 5.5. Dry skin is too high in pH. Oily skin is too low in pH. Chronic and irritated skin very low in pH.

It's our mission to meet your skin care needs, wherever you are in your journey to healthy skin, by rebalancing your skin's pH levels.